Chromophore, the element responsible for the colour pigment. We want to be that part of your life. Colour lives because we know that without colours, life is just a series of routine.

The logo of the chameleon depicts his colour changing abilities and thus our potential to depict all the colours in life and all the personalities of our customers. Chameleon tongue reaches 1.5 of its length, just like our potential, to reach the skies, beyond any limits.

The chromophore is not a big business, its a startup. We didn’t start the business in order to just earn money, we wanted to work for passion. We wanted to start something where we would be able to decide for ourselves, learn and grow side by side.

Yogesh Balu Hande and Nilesh Balu Hande started this idea because of Yogesh’s education in textiles.

We didn’t have any godfather or someone to guide us every step of the way, we learnt ourselves. Yogesh helped in gaining the work experience for printing, while Nilesh was in charge of marketing.

We started with the wholesale selling of t-shirts which led us to the idea of customizable t-shirts. The t-shirts that would speak to the customer’s hearts. But that wasn’t new, that’s when we got the idea of popularizing the Marathi Quote Tshirts. We wanted to spread awareness about the richness of Marathi culture and we wanted the youth to experience it. Not just in the main cities, not just in Maharashtra but we wanted to make these designs popular in India as a whole. That is where the website and the online market has helped us.

In this struggle for passion, a lot of friends helped us in the ups and downs of this business. In marketing, in conquering the digital market, in manufacturing and in designing. We thank you all. Our friends, our customers, the first time visitors, everyone. Thank you for being a part of our passion.

Our ‘Ayushya gandlay’ changed to ‘Hows to josh, high sir’ because of you all. Teri Yaari Sabse Pyaari, you will always be a priority.

– Chromophore
Coloring lives.